Be sure to give your wedding photographer these two things.

Be sure to give your wedding photographer these two things.

I have been shooting weddings for nearly 2 decades and what I’ve learned is that beauty is very subjective.

What do I mean?

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For example,  I think that the groom’s aquiline nose is handsome, strong and even sexy. What I don’t know is that the groom hates his nose.  But doesn’t want to seem vain and so he doesn’t tell me this before the wedding.


What if a bride has a one dimple. I love dimples and I’d be inclined to photograph the dimpled side more especially when she’s smiling.  She may not like her dimple.

What Two Things

1. I always ask the bride and groom to send me a photo of themselves that they like.

2. And I ask them to send me one that they don’t like.

This way I study the photos and can ask, “ What is about this photo of you that you don’t like?”  Then they have an opportunity to share what they like and perhaps don’t like about how they look.  This is great information to have before, not after the wedding.

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