The last time I saw Dorie, I was lying on my kitchen floor looking up at her, and she was taking my pulse. I had a 24-hour bug—she had stopped by for a visit—and I, Laura Miller, an old friend and fellow photographer, immediately passed out from trying to stand up and say hello. There she was, with her big smile and inquiring eyes, eyes that see the world in a way that few photographers these days do. Trust me on this one. I have a lot of photographer friends—good ones, great ones. In my studio, I look at photography all day long and Dorie’s images are different. They could be of strangers on a subway train or they could be of her daughters—taken with her Canon or by Instagram. Either way, they always seem to belong on the front page of The New York Times. The compositions are striking and the subjects hold you in their gaze. You will wonder what they are thinking, or you will recognize that thought and feel it yourself.  You will see innocence and beauty, coming-of-age and aging, and you will see all those things in a way that you would never see in real life. The humanness will leap out at you, because the moments she stops are always the important ones. Dorie is, truly, among the best of what seems increasingly rare: She is a photojournalist.  The photographs she makes are always true, compassionate, and beautiful.

At a wedding, Dorie is as committed as she would be on any of her major news assignments. More than that, she is feeling all the joy that you are and capturing it forever. There is no cheese, no artificiality. And if you happen to pass out from all the happiness, or from dehydration (seriously, drink a lot of water!) don’t worry—she will be right there for you.

Hi.  I am Dorie and I approve this bio.

note: I limit my bookings to 20 per year.

  • The best move I made was to have you photograph the rehearsal dinner!! I love all the photos. You are sooooo talented.

    Elena Beth Hull
  • There are many wedding photographers out there…Dorie, however, is an artist… with a camera… who happens to shoot weddings. And beautifully! We cannot recommend our experience with STC highly enough.

    Elizabeth and Dalane Mason
  • They are insanely beautiful!!!
    I don’t know how we are going to select an album…
    Thank you, thank you, thank you…

    Monique Gootkin