3 Signs You Are Not A Bridezilla

3 Signs You Are Not A Bridezilla

People often ask, “Do you have to deal with a lot of Bridezillas?” The quick answer is, I don’t. What I know is uptight brides are not born that way, they are created. Weddings have changed. It is now an “Industry” with magazines, blogs, and reality shows dedicated to showing you how to have the perfect wedding. That’s a lot of pressure. Many succumb, but in my experience most do not. Here’s a quick checklist to see where you stand.


Three Sure Signs You Are NOT A Bridezilla.

    1. If you are on my site then chances are you have a sense of humor. From what I hear Bridezillas do not. Shoot The Cake caters to creative, fun people who know how to have a good time at their own wedding.

Alex + Dan2431lodarcyadrianstoryboard0072. If the weather doesn’t cooperate with your wedding day you won’t need to be taken out in a straight jacket. Truth is, dramatic weather can make for dramatic photos. Wind does wonderful things with veils and dresses and umbrellas are a cool shape.



3. If your top priority is NOT being the center spread of a wedding magazine but instead to look fantastic while having a great time with friends and family, you are not a Bridezilla. You goal isn’t to impress anyone it’s just to do your own thing.



What’s Your Score?

My bet is you are not a Bridezilla.  Get in touch, let’s make some fun pics at your wedding.


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