Confessions of a Wedding Photographer:  It’s eight o’clock – Do you know where your photographer is?

Confessions of a Wedding Photographer: It’s eight o’clock – Do you know where your photographer is?

Ask These Questions Before You Book Your Photographer.


 1. If you drop dead the morning of my wedding, who is going to be my photographer?

It’s a valid question. Don’t think this one doesn’t keep me up at night. When I shoot a wedding I hire a second photographer not an assistant. Assistants carry bags and hold stuff, I don’t need that, I need someone  that can handle the wedding on their own, should I die that morning. The people I hire are  accomplished photographers, one even has a Pulitzer to her name. Anyone of these photographers would have no problem shooting the wedding on their own. And they each have colleagues, also world press and pulitzer winners, that they can call to be their second shooter.

2. Do you have backup gear if your equipment stops functioning?

Photographers don’t expect that their gear will malfunction, but from time to time it does happen. Professional photographers should have the following backup equipment; a second camera body, duplicate lenses, more than one flash, plenty of batteries and more than one charger. This goes the same for their second shooter.

3. Where will you be the day before my wedding?

Planes, trains and automobiles can all have delays. Is your photographer flying or traveling for your event? If so, it is worth the money to have them arrive the day/night before early enough so that they can get a good night’s sleep and avoid any traveling delays.

 4. Are you shooting an event the day before my wedding?

The busy wedding season is typically from May thru Nov. During this time most photographers and studios want to book as many events as possible, even booking three weddings back to back on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Shooting a wedding requires lots of physical, mental and creative energy and the day after a wedding I know I am tired. I know that if I were getting married I would not want to hire someone who was shooting another event the day before.

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