Need Help Choosing A Wedding Photographer? Answer These 3 Questions.

Need Help Choosing A Wedding Photographer? Answer These 3 Questions.

First a quick Story. I got married 18 years ago on Shelter Island at the Rams Head Inn.  I was not living in NY and from afar I was having a hard time booking a photographer who, like me, was a photojournalist.  Back then most wedding photographers were far too traditional for my taste and I couldn’t peruse the web searching for someone bc no one had websites or blogs back then. Finally a friend of mine recommended David Coventry.  I called him and he sent me a book of his work.  It was a small black book filled with bold portraits of drag queens. (see photo below) I never saw a single wedding photograph he had taken when I hired him, I just loved his style and knew we would get along.  Btw: I love my wedding photos and David is now a photographer for National Geographic.

photo by David Coventry

photo by David Coventry

1. Do you like the person enough to spend 8-10 hours with them on your wedding day?

The person you hire to photograph your wedding will be with from the time you are getting ready until you are sweaty on the dance floor.  When I shoot a wedding I am with my clients in cars, hotel rooms, at the altar, and all thru the reception.  By the end of the event, we are near to bff’s because I’ve seen everything.  I can’t think of anything worse than spending 8 hours on your wedding day with someone you just don’t like.

2. Do you know why you like their work?

Be specific. Then you can communicate with the photographer about it. I always ask my clients, “ Which photos of mine do you love and which ones don’t you love?”  We each have our own tastes.  I like to know what really excites them in my work so that I can dial in that sort of style when I am photographing their wedding. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your photographer about these sort of things than please go back and read # 1 again.

3. Can you afford them?

What kind of package do you want?  Do you want the rehearsal dinner photographed?  Do you want engagement portraits? An album? Maybe two?  Prints?  Does the package include a drive with the photos on it? I’ve heard many stories of couples splurging to pay the shooting fee of a photographer and then realizing after the wedding that they couldn’t afford to buy prints or an album. My packages include the engagement portrait and the rehearsal dinner – this makes it more straightforward when trying to budget for your photography expenses.

Have a number #4 or #5 question?  Please let me know.
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