New Teen Fad

New Teen Fad

My most recent “Dorie for Day” clients were four teen-age girls who love having their photographs taken and wanted me to spend some time with them in Central Park. It was super fun.  I am always impressed by how they all know how to have their photo taken.  The true test of succcess with this age group is will they post these images on their Instagram accounts.  And YES, they did.  When a few of them changed their “profile” pics to one of the photographs I made- I knew I had hit it out of the park.

Having super cool photos of yourself and your friends doing  things – is well, super cool.  Booking “Dorie for the Day” is an investment in making sure their teen years are photographed as much as their baby years.


Have teens, tweens or need an outing photographed, get in touch.

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