Thank God I Didn’t Get Cast as Annie

Thank God I Didn’t Get Cast as Annie

In 5th grade I tried out for our school play.  The production was Annie and like every other girl in the grade I wanted to play Annie. I practiced and practiced singing, “ The sun will come out tomorrow” and all the other songs on the soundtrack album until my family was so sick of hearing about the sun coming out. I had myself convinced that I sounded a bit like Andrea McArdle who was playing the part on Broadway. (Truthfully, I can sort-of carry a tune and that is about all.)

And then, the day of the audition I was up on stage and singing in front of all those people and it all fell apart. I was flustered and sang the lines of one song mixed up with the lines of another.  We all got a part in the play, but thankfully I was not cast as Annie.

I say thankfully because I know my real talent is behind the camera not in front. But, I always admire the children who get up on stage and give it their all.  I photographed the United Nations International School’s annual talent show this past month. Students from all over the world grades K-4 danced, sang, told stories, fenced, and smashed wooden blocks in two. Having the opportunity to photograph and capture their grace, confidence and their generosity in sharing their gifts was truly an honor.



Wouldn’t you love to have photographs of your kids/grandkids doing their favorite activity? I can help you get from “something you’d love to have” to something that is on your wall.  Get in touch. Have camera. Will travel.

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