My Un-Wedding Days

My Un-Wedding Days

The best part of my career is that one week-end I can be shooting a beautiful event at Winvian then on Monday, I am photographing with Tina Brown in a maximum security prison. My two photo worlds  make me feel like a super hero with an alter ego.  I love the idea of being a super hero. (fyi: my super power would be flying)

But those of you who are getting married or who read my blog don’t necessarily visit my other site To know the full Shoot The Cake you need to see what Dorie  does on the week days.  Below are photos from various assignments I did in 2014. Do any of you have an alter ego. I’d love to hear about it. What would your super power be, and most importantly would you wear a cape?

alter_ego001 alter_ego002 storyboard002 alter_ego003 alter_ego005 alter_ego004 storyboard003


Next blog will be back to our regularly scheduled wedding blog program. Let me know if you want more stories about my journalism adventures.

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